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    設計能力Designing capability



    Designing capability

    we establish our own professional desigring department so as to provide our customers with the all-round service conducted from scheme consulting to project implementing. By using our mature project node and systematic designing documents.we maintain the overall quality of the project,and by highlighting our unique designing scheme,we could better satisfy the customers`diverse demand construction project. For marry years, we have gained rich experiences in project designing and have traired a group of excellent technicians as well as have completed many domestically influential projects. Every year, by investing a large amount of manpower and fund, we commit ourselves to R&D of new products and the application of the new technology so as to ensure leading-edge technology.

    Entrusted by China`s relevant departments,we participated in grawing up 01J925-1<< Profiled steel sandwich panel roofing and wall structures>>,88J5-1<>,88JZ7<> national standard and partticipated in drafting many universal collective drawings of North and Northwest China.As a result,these materials function to guide project manufactuing and to regufate industral practices.